20" Recycler Bong | Superior Functionality & Eye-Catching Design

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20" Recycler Bong | Superior Functionality & Eye-Catching Design

Glass Slide Bowl

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Introducing the 20" Recycler Bong. This remarkable piece combines stunning aesthetics with exceptional functionality, making it a true standout in any collection. Crafted with high-volume keywords that are fast-ranking on Google, this product description ensures maximum visibility for your bong.

The highlight of this bong is its unique percolator, a hybrid of the sprinkler and mushroom perc, which not only looks visually pleasing but also delivers an unparalleled smoking experience. The Sprinkler Mushroom perc effectively pushes the smoke into the water, ensuring top-notch diffusion. In addition, the smoke passes through a diffused chamber underneath, featuring numerous small holes that effectively filter and purify your smoke before it enters the sprinkler chamber.

One of the key benefits of the sprinkler mushroom perc is its ability to cool your hits, especially since the smoke coming from the bowl can be quite hot. This perc also acts as a moisturizer, making your hits less harsh on your lungs. Moreover, the sprinkler mushroom perc further enhances the filtration process by creating more surface area of bubbles, resulting in superior filtration.

But that's not all! The four circular chambers in this bong serve a dual purpose. Not only do they enhance its visual appeal, but they also increase the distance your smoke has to travel, effectively cooling your hits. As the smoke-laden water moves from the lower chamber to the upper chamber, the freshness and flavor of your herbs are preserved until the very end.

For those who crave an extra cool smoking experience, the Oceanic Trophy features an ice catcher, allowing you to add ice cubes for an even cooler and smoother hit. Its wide base ensures stability and enables it to sit comfortably on any surface. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this bong guarantees exceptional durability, ensuring it will last for years to come.

The intricate design and the presence of four chambers truly make this bong visually interesting and captivating.

Experience fresh hits and preserve the flavor of your herbs with the 20" Recycler Bong. Its sprinkler mushroom perc ensures a smoother and cleaner smoking experience, while the high-quality borosilicate glass construction guarantees durability. Get ready to elevate your smoking sessions with this exceptional piece.

Gravity Dab Rig, Bongs and Water Pipes!

  • Brand: Gravity Distributor
  • Style: Dab Rig 
  • Size: 20 Inches

Carrier: USPS/UPS/FedEx.


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aawesome water pipe bong

Shipped fast, awesome recycler bong

very quickly

recycler bong received very quickly and as pictured & described; Thank you.

very satisifed

Came early. Am very satisfied. Just what I ordered. The only thing is a couple of the tubes were cracked

fast shipping

Fast shipping! Great recycler bong .


Thanksit seems to work good thanks again no