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It probably goes without saying  if you’re a pipe, bowl, or bong smoker, so here is for sure a sagacious investment. At Gravity Bong's distributor, we’re proud to carry a large selection of the finest quality bongs,water pipes and it's...

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How To Measure Downstem Length & Joint Size.

The downstem is the part of your water pipe that connects to the bowl. It helps keep your bud from falling out and can be made from different materials, including glass, plastic, aluminum, or titanium. Downstem is an important part...

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Waterfall bongs is it better then a gravity bong?

Enjoy the lasting effects of a waterfall bong with this classic design. This rainbow water pipe is made from a high quality borosilicate glass and features a handcrafted mouthpiece that provides an excellent smoking experience. The smooth, comfortable shape of...

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Infallible Ways to Prevent Your Bong From Breaking.

There is actually no doubt  that we all love our glass stuff. They’re delightful to assemble,delightful to glance, delightful to brag to friends, and of course delightful to smoke out of. Occasionally misfortune strikes and then the unimaginable happens: your...

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How Much you spend on buying a good Bong.

Buying a bong, especially for the beginner's, can be a nuisance.May be you guy think it's quiet easy to just surfing and searching on the internet and choose the one which you like the most but, lamentably this task is...

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All About Gravity Bongs Why To Choose???

So let's talk about Gravity bongs which are now a days the most common type of bong. The name “gravity bong” is apt because it works by applying pressure to the bowl and stem. This pressure forces smoke out of...

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