Mini Bongs

Small water bongs bear resemblance to a bubbler, right?A bong typically consist of a detachable  downstem with a cone-shaped bowl.

A small bong is a cannabis smoking device ranges from 10 inches or fewer.Its principle is based on filtering the smoke through water by providing a more cooler finer and the stronger hit.Although 10 inches or fewer appear to be the common consent, a few sites extend the upper limit to 18 inches but according to our judgement , 18" is not a mini bong. We set our limit approximately around 12" max.

That should be for obvious reasons: one of the main attractions of a small bong is its portability. By giving a brief answer let’s just say this: A small bong is any bong that  easily fits into a coat pocket or purse.

But when comes to functionality the smallest bong will still give you finer cooler and a stronger can also add ice to the water chamber because many small bongs include ice catchers / ice pinches.

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