8 Inches Accent Blue Beaker W/ Ice Catcher Water Pipe Bong With Smoking Accessories

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Package include
8 Inches Accent Blue Beaker W/ Ice Catcher Water Pipe Bong
Free 1Pcs Blink Lighter (Random Metallic Color)
Free 1Pcs Formula420 (2oz)
5 FREE Screens
Glass Slide Bowl & Glass DOWNSTEM 
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This Gravity Distributor Water Pipe beaker base Bong is perfect to enjoy quick hits with minimal drag and is suitable for beginners or seasoned smokers alike. The solid glass bongs measures 8 inch in height With a Accent Blue Color to it and has a sturdy beaker base design that offers plenty of room for the smoking experience. The bong is small enough to slip into a backpack for safe transportation, making it ideal for travelling, parties and festivals.

Product Features:

- Solid glass construction

- Sturdy beaker base design

- Easy to clean

- Compact size

- Beaker base design

- Suitable for beginners and experienced smokers

- Can be used as a travel companion

High Quality Gravity Distributor Glass Bong and Pipe and Gravity Dab Rig!!

1 PC Blink Torch & Lighter:

Need a lighter? Blink torches are among the most powerful and reliable on the market. They come in different  colors and sizes with customizable flames to fit any situation. Buy one now!

1 PC Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner 2 Oz

You know the drill. Formula 420 is the quick, easy and safe way to clean your pipes! The only cleaner you'll ever need! All-in-one cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in seconds.  Buy today for the best price!

5 Metal Screen 

When you’re hitting it up with friends, keep your pipe in the best shape possible. The last thing you want to be thinking about is the health of your instrument. But GD has all of the best screens to keep those instruments in tip-top shape! Click here for our bong screen selection and find out how a little bit of protection can go a long way!


Customer Reviews

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Amazing quality! I purchased 2. Shipping was extremely fast and the items are perfect.


Had a request for a special colored piece, seller messaged me back super fast with helpful information, and within a day, my order was on the road. Awesome experience.


I love it! Will buy again! I love the fact it was packaged in bubble wrap and paper.