7" Green Swiss Cheese Honeycomb Dab Rig With Smoking Accessories

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Package include
7" Green Swiss Cheese Honeycomb Dab Rig
Free 1Pcs Blink Lighter (Random Metallic Color)
Free 1Pcs Formula420 (2oz)
5 FREE Screens
Glass Slide Bowl 
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Must be 21 to purchase!!!


Dabbing Rig water pipe gives you what you expect, Smooth and Fresh hits every time. Thanks to its Double Percolator and elaborated design, this pipe filters with Vertical and Horizontal systems. Forming incredibly fine bubbles filtering through water. This Dabbing Rig will deliver smooth and cooled hits every time! You'll want to light up when you see this beauty. This water pipe is an affordable luxury for the sophisticated smoker. The perfect accessory for any smoker. This bong is a timeless piece that you'll never have to worry about replacing. The gift for any occasion. This bong is sure to please!

1 PC Blink Torch & Lighter:

Need a lighter? Blink torches are among the most powerful and reliable on the market. They come in different  colors and sizes with customizable flames to fit any situation. Buy one now!

1 PC Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner 2 Oz

You know the drill. Formula 420 is the quick, easy and safe way to clean your pipes! The only cleaner you'll ever need! All-in-one cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in seconds.  Buy today for the best price!

5 Metal Screen 

When you’re hitting it up with friends, keep your pipe in the best shape possible. The last thing you want to be thinking about is the health of your instrument. But GD has all of the best screens to keep those instruments in tip-top shape! Click here for our bong screen selection and find out how a little bit of protection can go a long way!


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all my friends love it and are super jealous, it is super practical which just makes it better, I was nervous about it breaking, it arrived super safe!!


Fast ship! A+!


I’m just sayin! Awesome Piece 💕


Great Product, Fast Shipping, Highly Recommended A+