15" Beaker Bong with Arm Percolator Glass Water Pipe With Smoking Accessories

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Package include
15" Beaker Bong with Arm Percolator Glass Water Pipe
Free 1Pcs Blink Lighter (Random Metallic Color)
Free 1Pcs Formula420 (2oz)
5 FREE Screens
Glass Slide Bowl & Glass DOWNSTEM 
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Must be 21 to purchase!!!


This is one stunning scientific piece that begs to be smoked and is sure to turn heads, ready to deliver pure, even diffusion after smoke first travels through the diffused downstem. You'll get cool, smooth, tasty hits every time, especially if you use the well-placed ice catcher.
If you're looking for a show-stopping piece, look no further. With this Gravity Distributor Water Pipe 15" arm percolator bong is guaranteed to deliver amazing hits every time. Treat yourself to this majestic piece. Crafted from the highest quality, thick borosilicate and featuring a 15" arm perc fused to the bottom of the chamber for better stability.

High Quality Gravity Distributor Glass Bong and Pipe and Gravity Dab Rig!!

1 PC Blink Torch & Lighter:

Need a lighter? Blink torches are among the most powerful and reliable on the market. They come in different  colors and sizes with customizable flames to fit any situation. Buy one now!

1 PC Formula 420 Pipe Cleaner 2 Oz

You know the drill. Formula 420 is the quick, easy and safe way to clean your pipes! The only cleaner you'll ever need! All-in-one cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in seconds.  Buy today for the best price!

5 Metal Screen 

When you’re hitting it up with friends, keep your pipe in the best shape possible. The last thing you want to be thinking about is the health of your instrument. But GD has all of the best screens to keep those instruments in tip-top shape! Click here for our bong screen selection and find out how a little bit of protection can go a long way!


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Reasonably priced and I am very happy with the product.


arrived quickly, functions well & you can't beat the price.