14" Frosted Leaf Heavy beaker bong with ice catcher

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14" Frosted Leaf Heavy beaker bong with ice catcher

Glass Slide Bowl & Glass DOWNSTEM

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Height: 35cm/13.78" Base

diameter: 10.5cm

Thickness: 5mm

Joint size: 14mm



This Gravity Distributor bong is a heavy glass and frosted leaf water pipe with a 14mm joint size. It provides a seamless experience so you can focus less on handling and more on enjoying the smoke. The bong is equipped with a built-in ice chamber to turn down the temperature, making it perfect for those who prefer a cool and smooth hit. Made from high-quality, thick and durable borosilicate glass that won't break when dropped, this ice bong is perfect for those who want to enjoy a cool hit without the hassle of an ice pipe. The beaker base is super stable and provides lots of room for the smoke to cool, making it perfect for those who want a functional and stylish smoking experience. The bong also features a bong ice cube tray and a dab rig with ice catcher. For those who want to enjoy a cool hit without the hassle of filling a bong with ice, ice pipes for sale and ice rig online are also available.

High Quality Gravity Distributor Glass Bong and Pipe and Gravity Dab Rig!!



Customer Reviews

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Loved It

I love it the great dab rig great quality glass please send my regards to your shipping Department for making sure I got here safe I can't wait to buy my next dab rig

Great Quality

another great quality piece from Gravity Distributor, I absolutely love it and the price was unbeatable all my friends r jealous and this is why I will continue business with this awesome company

No Complaints Here

Absolutely no complaints about it. This piece hits very smooth! Big hits are easy,


The filtration on this Dab rig is wonderful. The bubbles remind me of a lava lamp as they fill will smoke and disperse. Exhaling thick clouds that are lip smacking thanks to this little bub. Much love for Gravity Distributor for delivering impeccable customer satisfaction everytime.

Sick Water Pipe Bong

This is honest to God the first review I have ever left on a website. Mad easy to order. Shipped super fast. (Arrived 2 days early) The water pipe bong is so smooth and easy to draw from, buying from anywhere else would be a waste of money.