Mega Stoner Box

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Package include

5" Stone Dab Rig

10mm Quartz Banger 

Formula 420 (2oz)

Blink Lighter Torch 

2 Pack Wild Hemp Wraps

Good Time Rolling Paper

2 Haribo Zing Mylar Bags 

2 Random Stickers

5 Metal Screen

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Stone Glass:

5" Stone Dab Rig that is 2mm thick is a small, handheld smoking device made of durable glass material. It typically features a bowl at one end for packing smoking material and a mouthpiece at the other end for inhaling smoke. This type of pipe is generally easy to use and clean, and its small size makes it portable and discreet for smoking on-the-go.

Quartz Banger:

A 10mm Quartz Banger is a type of dab nail that is used in conjunction with a dab rig for smoking cannabis concentrates or extracts. It is typically made of high-quality quartz glass and has a joint that measures 10mm in diameter, which is a common size for small dab rigs. The banger is designed to withstand high temperatures and can provide a smooth and flavorful dabbing experience. The user heats the banger with a torch until it reaches the desired temperature, then applies a small amount of concentrate onto the heated surface to produce vapor that is inhaled through the rig.

Formula 420:

Formula 420 is a type of cleaning solution that is designed to help remove resin and buildup from glass, metal, and ceramic smoking accessories, such as pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. The 2oz version of Formula 420 is a small, convenient size that is ideal for occasional cleaning of smaller smoking accessories. It typically works quickly and effectively, helping to restore the original shine and cleanliness of the smoking accessory without the need for extensive scrubbing or soaking. To use Formula 420, the user typically adds the solution to the smoking accessory, shakes it, and then rinses it with water to remove any remaining residue.

Blink Torch & Lighter:

A Blink Lighter Torch is a type of butane torch lighter that is commonly used for smoking and dabbing. It's designed to provide a high-intensity flame that can quickly heat up the surface of a dab nail or bowl, allowing the user to inhale the resulting vapor. The Blink Lighter Torch typically features an adjustable flame size and a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition. It's refillable with butane gas and is compact and easy to use, making it a popular choice among smokers and dabbers. However, it's important to handle the Blink Lighter Torch with care, as the high-intensity flame can be dangerous if not used properly.

2 Pack Wild Hemp Wrap:

Wild Hemp Wraps are a type of tobacco-free, hemp-based rolling paper that is used to roll cigarettes or other smoking materials. The 2 pack version typically contains two individual wraps made from high-quality, natural hemp that has been processed to create a smooth and even rolling surface. The wraps are designed to be easy to use, with a pre-rolled shape that eliminates the need for complicated rolling techniques. They also burn slowly and evenly, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. As the wraps are tobacco-free, they are a popular choice among smokers who are looking for a healthier and more natural smoking option.

Good Time Rolling Paper:

Good Time Rolling Papers are a popular brand of rolling paper used to roll cigarettes or other smoking materials. The 1 1/4 size is a common size for rolling papers and is ideal for those who prefer a smaller, more portable smoking experience. Good Time Rolling Papers are typically made from high-quality, natural materials such as rice or hemp, and are designed to provide a slow, even burn that enhances the flavor and aroma of the smoking material. They are easy to use and come in a variety of flavors and designs to suit individual preferences. As with all smoking products, it's important to use Good Time Rolling Papers responsibly and in accordance with local laws and regulations.

2 Haribo Zing Mylar Bags :

Haribo Zing Empty Mylar Bags are small, resealable bags that are typically used to store and transport cannabis or other smoking materials. The bags are made from durable Mylar material that is odor-proof and helps to maintain the freshness of the contents inside. The Haribo Zing design features the iconic Haribo gummy bear mascot and is a popular choice among smokers and cannabis enthusiasts. The bags are empty and can be filled with the desired amount of smoking material before being sealed and stored for later use. The resealable design allows for multiple uses and provides a convenient and discreet storage option for on-the-go smokers. It's important to note that the use of Mylar bags for cannabis storage or transportation may be subject to local laws and regulations, so it's important to check before use.

2 Random Stickers:

Random stickers are adhesive labels that can be affixed to various surfaces, such as notebooks, water bottles, laptops, or even cars. The 3-inch size is a common size for stickers and is large enough to make an impact while still being relatively compact. The two random stickers included in your purchase could feature a wide range of designs, such as popular logos, characters, or graphics. The exact designs and themes of the stickers will be random and can vary widely, making them a fun and unexpected addition to your purchase. Stickers are a popular way to personalize one's belongings or to show support for a particular brand or cause.

5 Metal Screen:

Metal screens are small, circular filters that are commonly used in pipes, bongs, and other smoking devices. They are typically made from a durable metal material, such as stainless steel or brass, and are designed to fit snugly into the bowl or stem of the smoking device. The purpose of a metal screen is to prevent small pieces of smoking material, such as ash or resin, from entering the mouth or clogging the device. They can also help to promote better airflow and prevent the smoking material from burning too quickly. Metal screens are reusable and can be easily cleaned with soap and water, making them a cost-effective and practical addition to any smoking setup. The five metal screens included in your purchase can be used as replacements for any damaged or worn-out screens in your smoking device, or as spares for future use.


Gravity Dab Rig, Bongs and Water Pipes!

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thank you!!!🖤

thank you!!!🖤

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Fast ship great stoner box

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mega stoner box was as described. thank you


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got what i wanted

Got what I wanted