For those new to dabbing, the purpose of drop downs might not be immediately clear. Although they aren’t as common now due to the popularity of quartz bangers, drop downs still offer several benefits for your dabbing setup. These benefits range from protecting your rig’s joint to maintaining its cleanliness. Let’s dive into the key reasons why you should consider using a drop down.

What is a Drop Down?

A drop down is an accessory used in dabbing setups to extend the distance between the nail or banger and the rig. It is typically a glass or quartz piece that connects to the rig’s joint and features an extended arm where the nail or banger is placed. This design serves multiple functions that enhance the dabbing experience.

What is a Drop Down Used For?

1. Reducing Heat Stress

When nails are placed close to the rig’s joint, the heat from the torch can transfer to the joint, causing heat stress. Over time, this heat stress can lead to cracks and fractures, potentially making your rig unusable. Drop downs help prevent this by creating a gap between the nail and the joint. By dissipating the heat away from the joint, drop downs can significantly extend the lifespan of your rig.

2. Reclaim & Cleaning

Using a drop down allows wax to gather at the bottom of the tube, making it easy to retrieve later. This reclaim can be dabbed again or used in edibles, topicals, or tinctures. Additionally, drop downs help keep your rig cleaner by catching wax and debris before they reach the rig. You can simply place the drop down in a cleaning solution to clean it. This not only keeps your rig in better condition but also makes the cleaning process more efficient and less frequent.

3. Distance From Face

For smaller rigs, the nail can sometimes be too close to your face, making it uncomfortable. A drop down increases the distance between the nail and your face, providing more comfort and a better view of your dabbing process. This added distance also reduces the risk of accidental burns and makes the overall experience more enjoyable.

4. Versatility

Drop downs also add versatility to your setup. They can change the size and gender of your joint, allowing you to use different attachments, nails, and bowls. This customization makes your dabbing experience more flexible and adaptable to different preferences and accessories.

Additional Benefits of Using a Drop Down

5. Joint Protection

Drop downs act as a buffer to protect the joint of your rig from potential damage. By absorbing the stress and pressure that can occur during use, drop downs help prevent wear and tear on the rig itself. This protection is particularly valuable for high-quality rigs that you want to preserve in top condition.

6. Enhanced Flavor

By distancing the heat source from the rig, drop downs can help maintain the integrity of the flavors of your concentrates. The reduced heat exposure can result in a smoother, more flavorful dabbing experience, as the concentrates are less likely to be burnt or overheated.

7. Improved Airflow

Drop downs can improve the airflow in your rig by providing an additional pathway for the vapor to travel. This can lead to smoother and more controlled draws, enhancing the overall efficiency and enjoyment of your dabbing sessions.


Incorporating a drop down into your dabbing setup can help prolong the life of your rig, make cleaning easier, increase your comfort and versatility, protect your joints, enhance flavors, and improve airflow. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or a beginner, drop downs are a valuable addition to your dabbing accessories. Their multifunctional benefits make them a smart investment for anyone looking to optimize their dabbing experience.