Using a Screen for a Bowl is it a better option?

If you are the accomplished smoker and you wanna think about some of the accessories that would intensify your smoking experience you hardly ever think of screens.May be some of the users only spot them instead of paying few dollars for it to buy .A great many even don't know what they are. But actually you are the one who are still unaware that how much important they are until you can experienced it by yourself.

Screens are very utilitarian to fend off blaze, waste  and other impurities acquired to the mouthpiece of your bong or pipe during smoking. Consequently they decrease rigorousness and irritation,that makes your sessions more finer and pleasant follow with some other advantages.

For knowing the whole details and information regarding the screens you must be Keep reading the article till last  to seek more about them so you can analyze either they fit to your requirements.

Types of bong and pipe screens and what they do:

So the task of screen is quiet uncomplicated What they do is very simple, they retain your weed in the bowl and keep it apart from the chamber or downstem. But,all of them are not exactly same there are different types of screens it's your option  so you can choose the better one which is according to your need and requirements.

To illustrate, one the the perfect type of screen is glass screens which  works superbly as they are appropriate for any pipe or bong and carry out the task. Additionally , brands manufacture them in beautiful colors and designs,so they are attaracted towards you when you glanced at them.On the other hand when we are talking about its durability so they are made of borosilicate glass, which is resistant to fire and won’t be smash easily.

Let's talk about its another type so here comes a mesh screens, they are the low price choice still is  works as well as glass screens,despite the fact that you must restore them more frequently,even now mesh screens are also be fit to your bong to perfection.

Furthermore there are bowls with built-in screens just  like the Invincibowl, The Invincibowl bong screens are made from shatter-proof glass. They have a clear center and are 6 inches tall, with a 4-inch diameter. The screens are designed to fit standard bowls and bongs, so you can use them on all your smoking devices. The size makes it easy for any size hand to hold the screen, but it also helps protect against crushing in case of an accident.

The screens are made from high-quality materials that are durable and clean easily, so you don't have to worry about getting your hands dirty or leaving any residue behind a 14 mm bong bowl with a proprietary mesh that has no rival on the market. You can extend and retract it from 3 inches to 6 inches, so it fits any bong. And, its mesh won’t clog or dislodge when discharging ashes. Just tap it and debris will be gone.


Bong Screens are a great way to enjoy your favorite bongs without the hassle of cleaning them. These screens will fit most bongs and help keep the smoke out of your lungs.

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