Regarding enjoying concentrates, dab rigs have become increasingly popular among enthusiasts. These specialized pieces of equipment offer a unique and efficient way to vaporize concentrates, delivering potent and flavorful hits. If you’re new to the world of dabbing or just looking to explore different options, here’s a comprehensive guide to the most popular types of dab rigs available today.

1. Glass Dab Rigs

glass dab rigs

Glass dab rigs are the most common type and for good reason. They offer excellent durability, easy cleaning, and an aesthetic appeal that many users appreciate. Glass is also a neutral material, meaning it won’t alter the flavor of your concentrates. These rigs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing users to find one that perfectly suits their preferences.


  • Pure Flavor: Glass does not alter the taste of your concentrates, providing the purest flavor experience.
  • Customizable: Wide range of designs and sizes to match personal preferences.

2. Mini Dab Rigs

Mini dab rigs

Mini dab rigs are an excellent choice for those who value portability and convenience. Despite their small size, these rigs pack a punch, delivering powerful hits with every dab. They are easy to transport and ideal for on-the-go sessions. Mini rigs also use less concentrate, making them a more economical option for daily use.


  • Portability: Compact size makes them easy to carry and use anywhere.
  • Economical: Uses less concentration, which can save money over time.

3. Recycler Dab Rigs

recycler dab rigs

Recycler dab rigs are designed to offer a smoother dabbing experience by filtering the vapor multiple times through water chambers. This process cools the vapor and enhances the flavor, providing a more enjoyable hit. Recyclers are favored by seasoned dabbers who appreciate the combination of function and artistry that these rigs offer.


  • Smooth Hits: Multiple filtration cycles ensure cooler, smoother hits.
  • Enhanced Flavor: Improved cooling and filtration preserve and enhance the flavor of concentrates.

4. Silicone Dab Rigs

Silicone dab rigs are known for their durability and flexibility. Made from high-quality, food-grade silicone, these rigs are virtually indestructible and can withstand high temperatures. They are perfect for those who are prone to accidents or want a rig that can withstand rough handling. Silicone rigs are also easy to clean and often come in vibrant colors and unique designs.


  • Indestructible: Perfect for those who need a rig that can handle drops and rough use.
  • Easy to Clean: Non-stick surface makes cleaning quick and easy.

5. E-Rigs (Electronic Dab Rigs)

E-rigs or electronic dab rigs are a modern innovation in the dabbing world. These rigs utilize battery power to heat the concentrate, eliminating the need for a torch. E-rigs offer precise temperature control, ensuring consistent and flavorful hits every time. They are user-friendly and convenient, making them a popular choice for both beginners and experienced dabbers.


  • Consistent Temperature: Precise temperature control for consistent hits.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use, with no need for a torch or complicated setup.

6. Percolator Dab Rigs

percolator dab rigs

Percolator dab rigs incorporate percolators (or percs) into their design to enhance filtration and cooling. These rigs often feature intricate designs and multiple percolation chambers, which break down the vapor into smaller bubbles for a smoother hit. Percolator rigs are ideal for those who prioritize smoothness and flavor in their dabbing sessions.


  • Superior Filtration: Multiple percolators provide excellent filtration for cleaner hits.
  • Enhanced Cooling: Breaks vapor into smaller bubbles, significantly cooling the vapor.

7. Nectar Collectors

nector collector dab rigs

Nectar collectors are a unique and convenient option for dabbing. These devices are handheld and designed to be dipped directly into your concentrate. They are typically made of glass or silicone and are highly portable. Nectar collectors are perfect for those who want a quick and efficient way to enjoy their concentrates without the need for a traditional rig setup.


  • Ease of Use: Simple design allows for quick and easy dabbing without extensive setup.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go use.

Choosing the Right Dab Rig

Selecting the right dab rig depends on your personal preferences and dabbing style. Whether you prioritize flavor, portability, durability, or ease of use, there’s a dab rig out there to meet your needs. As you explore the different options, consider factors like material, size, and functionality to find the perfect dab rig for your dabbing adventures.

In conclusion, the world of dab rigs offers a variety of options to enhance your dabbing experience. Each type has unique advantages, from classic glass rigs to innovative e-rigs. By understanding the most popular types of dab rigs, you can make an informed decision and enjoy your concentration to the fullest.