It's time to know each and every thing about water pipes

    Perhaps you are cognizant of water pipes. Might be few of you just seen it in action or even tried it so let's talk about water pipes in detail!!!!

What is water pipe???

It is a device typically used to smoke tobacco, cannabis and other herbal substances .A water pipe doesn't needs you to burn the cannabis or tobacco to inhale it's smoke directly rather then it used water as a main filtrating agent.As water filters the smoke coming from your substance and by provide a soothing effect to your hit making it more clean and clear.Here are the two main types of water pipes which we will talk through here in a comprehensive way.

  1. Hookah
  2. Bong


These are the type of water pipes used to smoke tobaccos that comes in a variety of flavours.It is one of the oldest among smoking accessories differ in size,shape and also the style.A general modernized hookah consist of

  1. Head
  2. Metal body
  3. Water bowl
  4. Hose with a mouth piece

It's smoking scenario is based on groups by passing the same mouthpiece man to man


It is also one of the most popular type of water pipes. Bongs are considerable for delectable and finest hits.A water pipe or bong is a device which is filled with a water chamber with a bowl in which you pack your cannabis for smoking. The water chamber provides a cool & smoother way to get buzzed rapidly! Many bongs also come with percolators and ice catchers, which are becoming increasingly popular as they take your smoke experience to the next level.Ice catchers are glass formations in the piece's body that hold the ice above the water chamber. These concepts were really brought to us by a creative masterminds who notice  the ice was great to integrate into smoking.

usual glass bong,consists of:

A neck

The down stem

The mouthpiece

The water chamber

The dry herb bowl


By gaining all the knowledge about your smoking accessories may help you getting best ever experiences with it .

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