Hot water bong or a cold one which provide the finer hit???

No matter if u are the one with a lot of experience of using cannabis or the beginner may be you don't know about adding the water into bongs and bubblers according to temperature either hot or cold still you are the one adding water at room temperature so by gaining the experience of adding hot or cold water you may be amazed by the results.

By adding hot water in the bong what happens actually

So by adding hot water u felt a lilt bit relaxed actually the reason behind it is the steam produced by the bong tends to calm and soothe your throat and preventing it from intolerable irritation.

Also it makes the bong hit more stronger rather than in room temperature water so a big thank to hot water bongs.this hot means a cup of tea that you prefer to drink.this temperature must be so less than a burning plant in your bong's bowl.However too much hot water can also results in a lot of irritation.

Another downside of  hot water is as it melts the resin from your cannabis allowing it more to enter in to the lungs.

Adding cold water in to the bong :

Now coming towards the cold water if u decided to add this one to your bong you may experience a less lung and throat irritation because it makes the smoke cooler before entering to your lungs,As well as it preserves the strength and the flavor.Although the smoking experience may be quiet harsh.


Either hot or cold water in your bong, you may enjoy the flavors in different ways .To find which one give the better effect you have to experience both of them.

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