Gravity Bong Stundenglass 360 (Shades of Hookah) in $250

Gravity Bong Stundenglass
Local Pickup Price $250


In ancient cultures, people mostly used pipes with stems of different sizes of chillums. It was considered an act of grace, coolness, and dignity. There are different types of smoking which include cigarettes, cigars hookah. These are the most different methods for tobacco consumption by smoking. With the passage of time innovation is taking place and new techniques or creativity of smoking weed getting popular in which the student glass gravity bong is one of them.


The word bong is derived from the Thai word buong which refers to a tube. It is made of bamboo for tobacco ingestion. A bong is known as a water pipe. It is a device or vessel which is usually made up of glass or ceramics. It is filled with water and, used for smoking different substances, especially marijuana. It is also used for consuming beer.

Pink bong

It is specially designed for girls. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

Mini bong

It is a smaller smoking device and has a smaller volume. They are affordable.

Cool bong:

These have chambers, which are filled with a non-toxic gel called glycerin. These bongs are coldest and smoke.

Mushroom bong:

It is popular because of its style. It involves a removable bowl.

Beaker bongs: 

It is like a straight tube bong except the top is explode into a cone shape.

Ice bongs:

It is a beautiful glasswork and a new way to consume herbs.

Kush bongs: It is derived from two separate areas of the Hindu Kush region. The plant has an edible smell that carries a hint of aroma. It will calm the mind. It is small in size for carrying to parties.

Galaxy bong: 

It is made up of silicon. It is hard to break. The material in the galaxy bong absorbs the rays coming from the sunlight and releases energy in a glow at night.

Dab Rig:

It is a type of water pipe used for consuming waxes. It has a smaller mouthpiece. It is made from borosilicate glass. It is smaller than a water pipe.


Silicon dab rigs and bongs

These are easily affordable. These dab rigs are made to create big vapour hits.

Mini dab rig: 

It is easier to use and less expensive.

Recycle dab rig:

It is specially made to enhance the smoking experience. It gives a cooler hit and gives a fresh taste.

Hookah VS Bong:

These are both water pipes that are used for smoking purposes.

Hookahs: It is difficult to use because the bowl that holds the tobacco is attached to the stem leading to the vase and then through the long flexible body of the hose.

Bong: It is not more complicated, a bowl is joined with the down stem in the base

Gravity bong:

A gravity bong is also known as gravity hookah, bucket bong a grav, ghetto bong, jib Buckie waterfall bong, and geeb for smoking marijuana. It is a special method of cannabis ingestion. It is a combination of air pressure and water.GB can make it at home with different household items for example plastic, a bottle, a cap, scissors, and one gram of weed. A gravity bong made at home is cheap. In gravity bong the wasting of cannabis is low.

It is of two types bucket bong and waterfall. The simplest form of gravity bong is the bucket bong.

Waterfall bong:

It is made of a plastic bottle and uses water to draw the smoke into the pipe but the smoke is not cooled and the water is not filtered and the water is very thick.

We can make waterfall bong by:

  1. Plastic bottle

  2. Aluminum foil

  3. Knife

First, make a hole in a plastic bottle near the bottom and then make a bowl from aluminum foil and shape a bowl that fixes over the bottle opening and then make holes in the lower end of the bowl to get smoke. It is ready to use.

How Gravity bong works:

Gravity bongs work by using an ingestion process to make bulky, huge clouds of smoke and then use pressure (which is created by water and gravity) to take this cloud of smoke directly into your lungs.

Steps for using a gravity bong:

  1. Fill the chamber with water till up to the mark.

  2. Fix the bottle-shaped piece into the chamber and then fill the bowl with mashed herbs.

  3. Turn on the bowl and by pulling the bottle up slowly, you will see that the smoke will fill in the bottle.

  4. Stop drawing up before the lower part of the bottle leaves the water, then replace the bowl with a glycerin coil.

  5. Impose your lips on the coil and slowly hold down on the bottle. This will steadily send smoke from the bottle to your face.

Origin of Stundenglass gravity bong:

Stundenglass is made by Tracey Huston .Stundenglass got popular when Seth Rogen put a video of the standard of Stundenglass on video. So in 2020, Stundenglass got popularity and Grenco sciences were inducted into Stundenglass and employed by Huston.


Gravity Bong Stundenglass

Stundenglass is known as hourglass in German and was acquired by one of the most creative and refreshing cannabis companies, Grenco science.

It is made of borosilicate glass and aircraft grade with a coating of aluminum.

Stundenglass can be bought at the rate of 600 dollars. We sell local for $250


Stundenglass allows the most powerful and proficient smoke filtration experience without using any battery.

Benefits of Stundenglass:

  1. It is easily washable.

  2. It includes replaceable mouthpieces.

  3. It gives a 10-year warranty.

  4. We can include hookah, dry herbs, and concentrates.

  5. It is made up of anodized aluminum.

  6. It is packed in a durable box for safe deposit.

  7. It can be used at home.

Parts of Stundenglass:

It includes

  1. Glass globe

  2. Charcoal tray

  3. Upstem

  4. Mouthpiece

  5. Glass bowl

  6. Hookah Bowl

  7. Cleaning kit

  8. Hookah wand+Hose tip

  9. Hookah wand +Hose tip

    Gravity Bong Stundenglass

How to set up a Stundenglass:

It consists of two chambers. Fill the lower chamber with water and the upper chamber remains empty. Then rotate it about 180 degrees so the water goes up into an upper chamber. When we rotate the chamber again, the water goes out of the smoke in a continuous, constant pressure.

Gravity Bong Stundenglass

How to clean a Stundenglass:

It can be deep cleaned by using 99% isopropyl alcohol. For quick cleansing, you can simply drain the water and add some isopropyl alcohol reattach the globe rotate it several times, and then drain it.

Gravity bond VS Stundenglass:

When you made a gravity bond at home with a plastic bottle it will affect you because the plastic bottle got melts when you use it again and again. On the other hand, Stundenglass is made up of glass and we can clean it easily.

Reviews of Stundenglass:

Stundenglass is a well-known tobacconist shop that challenges other cigarette brands like cigars international etc. Stundenglass is a moderately performing brand. Its scores are better than other smoking industries.

Gravity Bong Stundenglass

Local Pickup Price $250

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