Bong Parts Starter Guide

 As we know Bongs not only feel incredible as well as they bring about  the leading marijuana hits. It  occurs in all appearances, sizes, and stuff. A bong consist of abundant different but necessary parts that make it more convenient.

In this article we are discussing about the types and essential parts of bongs.Generally, most approved ones are glass bongs, glass down stems, and glass bowls. Although silicone bongs and pipes turned in to favored  because of their long lasting effect and performance. They are ideal for the unskilled people who easily knockdown their gadgets.

Bongs essential parts:

People who slipup upon an online headshop are amazed at how many parts a bong has. It actually doesn't depends how much experienced smoker you are or either u are a very beginner it still be so confusing . 

 A normal glass bong, usually consists of:

  • A neck
  • The downstem
  • The mouthpiece
  • The water chamber
  • The dry herb bowl
  • Additional bong accessories:
  • Percolator
  • Ash catcher
  • Splash guard
  • Ice pinch

The Bong’s Neck

Ya so the most visible part of the bong is it's neck. It’s the part where the smoke accumulates from the bowl and it terminates with the mouthpiece

The downstem

 It is the pathway  that base water with the help of tube. The burbling sound is also produced in the downstem while puffing the cannabis. The main task of downstem is to cool down the smoke and allow it to be wet through in the bong also helps in the filtration of smoke and produces bubbles.

The Mouthpiece

Smoke travels through the mouthpiece before entering into the lungs.The downstem isthe passageway. Inhalation of smoking starts from here it's a  part basically where the neck ends.

The Water Chamber or Base:

          The bottom of the pipe is known as base. This part is filled with water, which is why it’s also called a water chamber.The water chamber functions as a filter for your cannabis smoke. It’s where the smoke travels to get cooled off before you inhale it.

The Bowl:

According to the smokers the bowl is the starting or beginning point the reason behind the concept is it holds the herbs and cannabis and lightened it up so .it normally comes in diff sizes.

Extra bong accessories :Beside the detailed ones  there are other extra bong accessories. These are not compulsory but promote a better smoking experience it includes porcelator,ash catcher,splash guard and an ice pincher.


From the article it is concluded that bongs consist of large no of parts but a smoker either the beginner or experienced one doesn't know all about its parts but knowing the bong in detail helps You to experienced better smoking.

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