All About Dab Rig For The Beginners

If you guys are peculiar about dab rigs so don't worry In this beginner's guide, we will talk over what actually dab rigs are, also discuss it's working as well as give you all the know how before using it. A dab rig is a sort of smoking tool used to gobble cannabis concentrates. It contains a large variety having many different shapes and sizes, although all the dab rigs have the selfsame basic elements namely a glass piece, a heating element and a nail.

How it actually works????

Dab rigs started working when you heat up a cannabis concentrate and then puffing it through its mouth piece, but the most typical way to inflame up a dab is with the help of a torch, inspite it there are also many other electric heating elements available that
makes dabbing much more easier, smoother and handy. As soon as the dab is hot, you can utilize the dabber to locate it on the nail. The nail is generally made up of ceramic, glass or titanium, and it comes in different sort of sizes and shapes. Dome less nails are also available which permit you guys to dab freely and easily without detaching the dome from your dab rig.
Once the dab is lay down on the nail, you take hold a hit from the dab rig and relish the delightful flavors and effects of the cannabis.
Components of the Dab Rig:
A Dab Rig is a glass pipe which is almost identical to a bong.
A Mouthpiece is the open tube which can be used for puffing the concentrate
A Water Chamber is generally approaching the base of the bong. It usually act as a filtrating agent for the vapor to be inhaled.
A Nail (or banger) is the accessory used to vaporize dabs and appears very close like as the bowl in a bong. It can be heated with the help of torch.
A Carb Cap is a circular piece used for covering the nail when the dab has been applied and catch the heat and lengthen the session.
A Dab-Tool is a high, narrow tool used to ladle dabs from the concentrate holder and apply them to the hot nail.
A Torch is a tool used to heat the nail earlier to applying concentrate
Need to know when buying a dab rig:
• The shape and size of the rig
• The Type of Nail
• The Heating Element
• The Price
Types of Dab Rigs:
There are five main types of Dab Rigs which we can discuss in our article today ;
Glass Dab Rig:
It is the customary type of rig. It comes in many shapes and sizes ranges from 6”-12” tall. Generally it is manufactured from borosilicate glass, which is designed to be indestructible and more heat tolerant in order to handle the high temperatures of dabbing.
Mini Rig:
Mini dab rigs is the smaller edition of dab rigs having length of 7” tall, and is made of thick borosilicate glass. The little category pack a huge hit, without immolate smoothness of your hit. The designs tend to be a bit more complex having large no of curves in the pipes for cooling, and additional percolators for filtration.
Silicone Dab Rig :
Silicone dab rig is the chiefly agreeable type of rig, and additionally the pocket friendly .It is designed to work with glass and quartz attachments , and some are even able to be detachable for convenient cleaning and packing.
Recycler Dab Rig:
Recycler rig is the smoothest technique to smoke dabs. As it's name indicates from their unique design it permit the smoke to recycle in the tube and percolators no of times unless it reaches to you .Most of them are large, typically over 8” tall, and have unique designs that are stunning to watch in action.
E-Rigs (Electric Dab Rig)
The most handy and parable type of dag rig is Electronic dab rig or E-rig. It can easily fit in your pocket, and can be taken apart for easy and deep cleaning. E-rigs also have better temperature control than anything you heat with a blowtorch. It has rechargeable batteries and are rather easy to clean.
How is it Different from a Bong?
Dab rigs and bongs are very close in looks. The main difference between them are bongs consist of a bowl which is used for burning the flower , while rigs has a banger (or nail) used to vaporize dabs.
Additionally the end product of bong is smoke while if u telling about rig so it produce vapor. According to some believes dabs are more safe rather than smoking flower since it doesn't produce much chemicals as the bong does.
Hopefully you guys are aware alot by reading this article by knowing alot about the different types of dab rigs available In the market, that you will need to use them, it's time to start dabbing! Have fun and be sure to experiment with different types of concentrates to find the one that you like best.
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