A Shocking And Fun Fact Discovery Of Bong 2400 Year old

Wow! A Moment of Silence…. Here we are looking for High quality Glass Bong or American Thick Glass Bongs and way back 2400 Years ago there was this mysterious tribe of stoners who lived in Russia called the Scythians in their spare time they would get High or Smoked BONG which was made out of GOLD (WOW! I wonder how smooth the Hits were or the opposite) Ohh yes you heard me right Pure 22K Gold the Bong was made out of, the Scythians preferred way for cannabis Puff. The Scythians were a formidable and nomadic tribe of warriors, who ruled the Siberian grasslands for thousands of years. They struck terror into the hearts of their enemies, the Greeks and the Persians. They were masters of archery, Impressive isn't it? When they died, they were buried with their gilded pipes. I must say such an inspirational story for Stoners & Potheads. Hope you enjoyed it!
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