Smoking weed without a pipe or paper might seem challenging, but there are plenty of innovative and effective methods you can use. Whether you find yourself in a pinch or just want to experiment with new techniques, these five methods will help you enjoy your herb without the need for traditional smoking tools.

1. Apple Pipe

Materials Needed:

  • An apple
  • A pen or a screwdriver
  • A knife (optional)

An apple pipe is a classic, simple, and natural alternative to smoking weed. Start by removing the stem from the apple to create a small hole at the top. Use a pen or screwdriver to poke a hole from the top down to about the middle of the apple; this will serve as your bowl. Next, create another hole from the side of the apple to meet the first hole. This side hole will act as the mouthpiece. If you want a larger bowl, you can carefully carve out a bit more from the top hole using a knife. Once the apple is ready, pack your weed into the top hole, light it, and inhale through the side hole. The natural moisture of the apple adds a unique flavor to your smoking experience.

2. Gravity Bong

Materials Needed:

  • A plastic bottle
  • A bucket or a large container
  • Aluminum foil
  • A knife or scissors

A gravity bong is an efficient and powerful way to consume weed, requiring only a few household items. Start by cutting the bottom off a plastic bottle using a knife or scissors. Fill a bucket or large container with water and submerge the bottle, keeping the top above the water’s surface. Create a bowl by shaping a piece of aluminum foil over the bottle’s mouth and poking small holes in it. Place your weed in the foil bowl. Light the weed and slowly lift the bottle out of the water, allowing it to fill with smoke. Once the bottle is full, remove the foil, place your mouth over the bottle’s top, and slowly press the bottle back down into the water while inhaling. This method ensures that you get a substantial hit with minimal effort.

3. Hot Knives

Materials Needed:

  • Two butter knivesA stove or heat sourceA plastic bottle (optional)


The hot knives method is a tried-and-true technique for smoking weed without any traditional tools. Begin by heating two butter knives on a stove until they are red hot. If you have a plastic bottle, you can cut off the bottom and remove the cap to create a funnel, making it easier to inhale the smoke. Once the knives are hot, place a small piece of weed onto one of the knives and press the other knife on top, creating a hot sandwich of weed. The instant the weed is pressed between the hot knives, it will vaporize. Inhale the smoke through the funnel of the plastic bottle or a rolled-up piece of paper. This method is quick and delivers a potent hit.

4. Corn Husk

Materials Needed:

  • A corn husk
  • Water or saliva
  • Ground weed

Using a corn husk is a traditional and natural way to smoke weed. First, peel a corn husk and let it dry slightly. If the husk is too dry, moisten it with a bit of water. Spread your ground weed evenly along the length of the husk. Roll the husk tightly around the weed, much like rolling a joint, and use water or saliva to seal the edges. Once sealed, light one end of the husk and smoke from the other end. This method not only provides a natural alternative to paper but also adds a unique flavor to your smoking experience.

5. DIY Water Bottle Bong

Materials Needed:

  • A plastic water bottle
  • Aluminum foil
  • A knife or scissors
  • Water

A water bottle bong is an easy and effective way to smoke weed using items you likely have at home. Start by poking a small hole near the bottom of a plastic water bottle using a knife or scissors. This will serve as your carb hole. Next, create a bowl by shaping a small piece of aluminum foil over the bottle’s mouth and poking small holes in it. Fill the bottle with enough water to cover the bottom hole. Place your weed in the aluminum foil bowl, light it, and cover the carb hole with your finger while inhaling through the bottle’s mouth. Release the carb hole to clear the smoke from the bottle. This simple method provides a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.


These five methods demonstrate the creativity and resourcefulness required to smoke weed without traditional tools. From the natural flavor of an apple pipe to the efficiency of a gravity bong, each method offers a unique and enjoyable way to consume your weed. Always remember to smoke responsibly and savor the experience!