Smoking cannabis has been a popular method for consuming this versatile plant for centuries. However, many people are now looking for healthier ways to enjoy their cannabis without compromising on the experience. Here are five of the best and healthiest ways to smoke cannabis.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a plant that has been used for thousands of years for medicinal, recreational, and industrial purposes. It contains a variety of active compounds called cannabinoids, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). These compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, producing various physical and psychological effects such as pain relief, relaxation, and euphoria. As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and legalized, users are increasingly looking for healthier ways to consume it. Here are five of the best and healthiest methods to smoke cannabis.

1. Vaporizers: The Cleanest Inhalation Method

Using a vaporizer is one of the healthiest ways to smoke cannabis. Vaporizers work by heating the cannabis to a temperature that releases the active compounds in the form of vapor, without burning the plant material. This process significantly reduces the inhalation of harmful toxins and carcinogens that are typically produced when cannabis is combusted.

  • Portable Vaporizers: These are great for on-the-go use. They are compact, discreet, and easy to use. Popular models include the Pax and the Firefly.
  • Desktop Vaporizers: These are larger and typically more powerful. They are designed for home use and offer advanced features like temperature control. Examples include the Volcano and the Arizer Extreme Q.

Using a vaporizer provides a cleaner and smoother inhalation experience, making it a healthier option compared to traditional smoking methods.

2. Glass Pipes: Pure Flavor and Simple Use

Glass pipes are a classic choice for cannabis enthusiasts. Unlike metal or wood pipes, glass pipes don’t produce any harmful fumes when heated. They also provide a cleaner taste, allowing you to fully enjoy the flavor profiles of your cannabis. Just be sure to clean your glass pipe regularly to avoid resin buildup, which can affect the taste and healthiness of your smoke.

  • Simple Glass Pipes: These are straightforward and easy to use. They are great for those who want a quick and efficient smoking session.
  • Bubblers: A hybrid between a pipe and a bong, bubblers use water to filter and cool the smoke, providing a smoother hit.

Regular cleaning of your glass pipe is essential to maintain a pure flavor and to prevent the buildup of harmful residues.

3. Water Bongs: Enhanced Filtration and Cooling

Water bongs, or water pipes, are another great way to smoke cannabis healthily. The water in the bong filters out some of the harmful toxins and cools down the smoke before it reaches your lungs. This results in a smoother and less irritating smoking experience. Additionally, water bongs come in various designs and sizes, so you can choose one that suits your personal style and smoking preferences.

  • Traditional Bongs: Available in various shapes and sizes, traditional bongs are designed for those who enjoy a more intense smoking experience.
  • Percolator Bongs: These bongs feature additional chambers or percolators that further filter and cool the smoke, providing an even smoother hit.

Water bongs are an excellent choice for those who want a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking session.

4. Joint Filters: Improved Safety and Experience

If you prefer the traditional method of smoking cannabis in a joint, consider using joint filters. These filters, also known as crutches or tips, help to cool the smoke and reduce the amount of tar and other harmful substances that you inhale. They also provide a better grip, making your joint easier to hold and smoke. Joint filters can be made from paper, glass, or even silicone, offering different levels of filtration and ease of use.

  • Paper Filters: These are the most common and are easy to roll. They offer basic filtration and improved airflow.
  • Glass Tips: These provide a more luxurious smoking experience, offering better filtration and a reusable option.
  • Activated Charcoal Filters: These filters contain activated charcoal, which can absorb and trap some of the harmful substances, providing a much cleaner hit.

Using joint filters not only improves the healthiness of your smoking session but also enhances the overall experience by providing better airflow and grip.

5. Herbal Blends: Adding Flavor and Benefits

Mixing your cannabis with other herbs can provide a healthier smoking experience and add unique flavors and effects. Herbs like lavender, chamomile, and peppermint can complement the effects of cannabis and make your smoking sessions more enjoyable. Additionally, using herbal blends can help you use less cannabis, which can be beneficial for those looking to moderate their intake.

  • Lavender: Known for its calming properties, lavender can help enhance the relaxing effects of cannabis.
  • Chamomile: Often used for its soothing effects, chamomile can complement the stress-relieving properties of cannabis.
  • Peppermint: Adds a refreshing flavor and can help open up the airways, making for a more pleasant inhalation experience.

Using herbal blends can also help you reduce your cannabis consumption, making your sessions more moderate and sustainable.

Alternative Ways to Enjoy Weed

If you want to completely remove the risk associated with smoking weed, consider other methods of consumption, such as edibles. Edibles are great because they eliminate the primary health risks associated with smoking while still producing intense highs. The main health concern with edibles is overconsumption, which can cause severe anxiety and physical symptoms like rapid heart rate and difficulty breathing. This often happens because edibles take longer to kick in, leading some users to consume more before the effects are felt. To avoid this, measure out your dosage carefully and stick to it, regardless of how long it takes to feel the effects.


While smoking cannabis does carry some health risks, using these methods can help mitigate the negative impacts on your lungs and overall health. Whether you choose to use a vaporizer, a glass pipe, a water bong, joint filters, or herbal blends, you can enjoy your cannabis more healthily and satisfyingly. For those looking to avoid smoking altogether, edibles provide a potent and health-conscious alternative. Always remember to consume responsibly and choose the method that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.


  • Q: What is the healthiest way to smoke cannabis?
  • A: Using a vaporizer is generally considered the healthiest way to smoke cannabis because it heats the plant material to a point where the active compounds are released without combustion, reducing the inhalation of harmful toxins and carcinogens.
  • Q: How do I clean my glass pipe?
  • A: To clean your glass pipe, you can use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt. Place the pipe in a plastic bag, add the alcohol and salt, and shake gently. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and let it dry completely before using it again.
  • Q: Are edibles safer than smoking cannabis?
  • A: Edibles eliminate the risks associated with inhaling smoke, making them a safer option for your lungs. However, it’s important to be mindful of dosage to avoid overconsumption and the potential for anxiety or other negative effects.
  • Q: What are the benefits of using joint filters?
  • A: Joint filters cool the smoke, reduce tar and other harmful substances, and provide better airflow and grip, enhancing the overall smoking experience.
  • Q: Can I mix other herbs with cannabis?
  • A: Yes, mixing cannabis with other herbs like lavender, chamomile, and peppermint can enhance the flavor and effects of your smoking experience while potentially reducing the amount of cannabis you need to consume.